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An Asian immigrant's embodied subjectivity and an Asian woman's body in relation to various locations are critical themes in my artistic practice. 

  • Passport (2012) portrays the government's control over individuals' bodies.

  • In Wien (2018) and Weisser Rahmen (2018), the experiences of an Asian immigrant with racism and sexism in Vienna are brought to the forefront. These two works represent instances of violence against Asian women in Europe.

  • -Sane (2020), Peephole (2021), and Sorrow in the Tireless Year (2022) explore the concept of the "new normality" in relation to remembering and combating anti-Asian racism since the onset of COVID-19.

  • Cacophony (2023) delves into the conflict between Korean female identity within the Asian and Western contexts.

  • The video projects Ajumma (2015) and Agassi (2017) critique the misogynistic portrayal of Korean women in mass media. These works shed light on the perception of Asian women's bodies in their respective home countries.

  • The collaborative project Swan Song (2023) offers a critique of institutional certifications and presents an expanded notion of artistic practice.