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Yela An

An Asian immigrant's embodied subjectivity and an Asian woman's body in relation to various locations are at the pinnacle of my artistic work.

My works consist of four concepts:

  • Passport (2012) displays the government's control of the body.

  • The video projects,  Ajumma (2015) and Agassi (2017), criticize the misogynistic depiction of Korean women in mass media. The two works reveal the perception of Asian women's bodies in their hometown.

  • In Wien (2018) and Weisser Rahmen (2018) highlight an Asian immigrant's experiences with racism and sexism in Vienna. The two works represent violence towards Asian women's bodies in Europe.

  • -Sane (2020) and Peephole (2021) address the "new normality" related to the remembrance and anti-Asian racism since COVID-19.