Series: In Wien 2018

Digital prints on laid paper, and letter embossing
29.7 x 42.0 cm

Racism toward Asians is often not an issue because there is less physical harassment. That does not mean that racist comments, assaults or exclusion can be ignored. Unprovoked hatred and anger are imprinted on the victim.
This work consists of the following sentences, which the artist has experienced in Vienna since 2011.

  “Wie viel kostet Sex mit dir machen?”
( “How much is having a sex with you?”)

“Wir verkaufen dieses Mädchen auch.”
( “ We sell this girl as well.”)

“Zumindest bin ich ein inländisches Arschloch.”
( “ At least I am a domestic asshole.”)

“Wie kannst du mit dieser kleinen Nase atmen?”
( “ How can you breath with your small nose?”)

“Rassismus ist auch deine Schuld, weil du zu nett zu den Leuten bist.”
( “ Racism is also your fault, because you are too kind to the people.” )