Weißer Rahmen 2018          

4 min, Full HD video

The central topic of this video project is the analysis of Asian female body through two schools of thought: sexism and racism. In Europe, Asian women are represented as figures for fulfilling male visual desires.

This video consists of political subjectivity: the subjective experiences of an Asian woman in occidentally constructed system. Racism and sexism of Asian women are ousted from other ethnic issues. Therefore, Asian women face to collective apathy in the people of color group. This video shows the narrative stereotypes and cliche about Asian women in German-speaking room in Europe. This video project is a reconstitution based on the artist's experience.

This video consists of the following sentences, which the artist have experienced in Vienna since 2011:


“Wieso bist du keine Chinesin?” (“Why aren’t you Chinese?”)

“Fucking Asian!”

“Wie viel kostet Sex mit dir machen?” (“How much does sex with you cost?”)

“Sie sind eine eigensinnige Schönheit.” (“You’re a stubborn beauty.”)

“Sie sind eine lebendige Skulptur!” (“You are a living sculpture!”)

“Es gibt so viele Ausländer in Österreich. In 20 Jahren wird Österreich nicht mehr Österreich sein.” (“There are so many foreigners in Austria. In 20 years, Austria will no longer be Austria.”)

“Ich habe dir meine Handynummer gegeben, wieso rufst du mich nicht an?” (“I gave you my mobile number, why don’t you call me?”)

“Wir verkaufen dieses Mädchen auch.” (“We sell this girl too.”)

“Hast du alles verstanden, warum lächelst du?” (“Did you understand everything, why are you smiling?”)

“Asiaten sind sehr fleißig.” (“Asians are very hardworking.”)

“Koreaner essen Hunde.” (“Koreans eat dogs.”)

“Ching Chang Chung!”

“Wie kannst du mit dieser kleinen Nase atmen?” (“How can you breathe with that little nose?”)

“Rassismus ist auch deine Schuld, weil du zu nett zu den Leuten bist.” (“Racism is your fault too, because you’re too nice to people.”)

“The Austrians are interested in you, but they have no idea, that’s why people call you ‘Ni Hao’.” (“Die Österreicher interessieren sich für dich, aber sie haben keine Ahnung, deswegen sagen die Leute ‘Ni Hao’ zu dir.”)

“At least I’m a domestic asshole.” (“Zumindest bin ich ein inländisches Arschloch.”)

“So what? Nevertheless, you can go for a drink with me.” (“Na und? Trotzdem kannst du mit mir etwas trinken gehen.”)

“They are very exotic. Can I take a picture of you?” (“Sie sind sehr exotic. Kann ich Sie fotografieren?”)

“How can I trust you?” (“Wie kann ich dir glauben?”)

“Maybe you’re too old to learn German.” (“Vielleicht bist du zu alt um Deutsch zu lernen.”)