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–Sane 2020

Digital prints on laid paper, lettering embossing 
21 x 30 cm


The photo series -Sane, (–さんへ) consists of reprinted digital-analog photos on laid paper embossed with the Japanese alphabet letters. The embossing letters give a message of friendship beyond age disparity, nationality, and language.
Memory can be recalled even by light stimulus, for instance, a change of season, the scent of a breeze, and the sounds of waves. Even in Vienna, the stimulation exists to indulge in reminiscence of Japan. The photos are to preserve the memories of the year 2009 in Tokyo. However, after ten years, everything changed: friends, villages, homes, and stores. The passing of time causes sorrow. This photo series recalls the memory of the diaspora representing the not sent letter.

This project is supported by Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA7).