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Dive In 2023

C-print, framed with recycled water-textured glass
60 x 40 cm

This photography series explores the complex interplay between the Asian female body and her identity in Asian and Western societies. Focusing on a South Korean woman who escaped unsafe and unequal circumstances, the series delves into the challenges she encounters in coming to terms with her Asian identity within a Western cultural context. In each image, the woman is portrayed wearing the traditional Korean clothing known as Hanbok that, due to its short and ill-fitting appearance, symbolizes her displacement and marginalization of her home country. Simultaneously, these images depict fragments of the Asian female body, serving as a representation of a female immigrant who is met with unwelcoming attitudes within her own society. Furthermore, the series addresses the persistence of outdated stereotypes imposed upon Asian women in the Western world. The presence of water in the photographs serves as a metaphor for the deep-rooted clichés surrounding Asian women in Western society. The collision of these various factors results in a sense of suffocation, symbolizing the overwhelming pressure and struggle experienced by the protagonist.

This project is supported by Kunstraum St. Virgil in Salzburg, Austria.