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Cacophony 2023

C-print, UV-printed images on the glass
21.8 x 31 cm

The project, Cacophony, displays portrait images that depict the unsettled and floating nature of the Asian female identity. The Korean term, yonghone nosukjja, [homeless soul], describes Korean immigrants who do not live in either their own home or immigrant country. Often racists request that they “go back to where they came from" because an origin home is a fantasy place in their memory that has changed over time and is no longer one to which they can return to and resettle. Therefore, immigrants face a dilemma as they are viewed as being undesirable. The project focuses on a search for portrait photographs of Korea and Austria to capture the transformation of Asian female identity in the home and immigrant countries.

This project is supported by the Austrian Ministry of Arts, Culture, the Civil Service, and Sport (BMKÖS).