Series: Passport 2012-

Ear print on the fake passport paper
21.0 × 29.7 cm

This work shows the control bodies by the government not only the issue of fingerprints but also whole bodies soon. The represents typical Western ignorance and apathy about third-country nationals (it is also called  ́non-EU foreign national`).

At the same time, the migrant is forced to integrate into Europe, otherwise forcibly expelled from the EU to the virtual home country. Even the definition of integration is to join a social group or people by equal participation. In other words, integration indicates the combination with the equitable treatment of two or more cultures, not a commitment of absorption into one of the culture. Besides, the integration implies to accept the white man’s style, his values, or his religion. While migrants undertake to acquire Occidental knowledge, the European citizens stand in an exceptional position; namely, the discrimination of other cultures and the racism against the migrant have connived.